Doodle Skincare plum back ground with white text "Don't forget to wash your hands" around a white line drawing of hands rubbing together with soap bubbles. Wash your hands before you wash your face.

Step 1 In Skincare

The first product we should always use in our skincare routine is...

hand wash 


There is so much bacteria and germs and dirt that collects in the oils of our fingers and under fingernails. Introducing all of that to our faces isn't helping an impaired, acne prone, sensitive, inflamed skin barrier.

When we cleanse our faces we want to remove the dirt and oil and pollution and bacteria that has accumulated over the course of the day, not add more to remove.


If you're a human with skin. Whether you have perfect skin without a single skin concern (you are a unicorn - lucky you!) or have every skin concern that you can think of, you need to wash your hands before you touch your face.


Whenever you're about to apply skincare to your face.

  • Before we cleanse during our morning and evening routines.
  • Before we cleanse pre-workout (if you wear makeup) and post-workout. 
  • Reapplying SPF during the day.

After years of having to wash our hands multiple times a day, you've got this!

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