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What Is Skin Type?

What is Skin Type?

Skin type is the skin that you were born with and  based on your genetics (the blue prints). There are 5 classifications that have been determined, based on the amount of sebum naturally produced by your skin. Sebum is the oily substance produced to seal and waterproof your skin.

1 : Sensitive
2 : Dry
3 : Balanced
4 : Combination
5 : Oily

What is MY Skin Type?

Step 1 - Cleanse your face with a gentle non-stripping cleanser and rinse.

Step 2 - Leave your skin without any additional product for an hour.

Step 3 - After an hour, have a good look at your skin. What do you notice?


Sensitive skin can be both a type and a condition. As type, sensitive skin is genetically predisposed to easy irritation, inflammation, redness and general sensitivity.

Dry skin is characterised by varying degrees of low sebum production and a compromised barrier. Skin may feel tight and may look dull.

Balanced skin is characterised as a balanced sebum production with even skin texture and glow without excess shine.

Combination skin is characterised by both a low sebum production around the perimeter of the face, and excessive sebum production through the centre (or T-zone). Parts of the face may feel tight and others present as shinier through the day.

Oily skin is characterised by varying degrees of excessive sebum production. Skin may appear shiny, thick in texture and have a greater number of blackheads and spots.

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